Friday, February 22, 2013

The Twelve Steps of Toxic Farmers Anonymous

The Twelve Steps of Toxic Farmers Anonymous

      Admit that you are powerful enough to stand up to Big Agriculture, the USDA and your chemical addiction to toxic farming.

     You come to believe that a Power greater than yourself could restore you to sanity and free you from your addiction to toxic chemical farming.

     You make a decision to turn your farm and life over to care for Gaia, and to trust in your ability to nurture your farm and farm animals, and give up your toxic lifestyle.

     You make a searching and fearless moral inventory of yourself and your farm.

     You admit to God, yourself, and another human being the exact nature of your addiction to toxic chemical farming practices.

     You are entirely ready to have your common sense be the catalyst to remove all these toxic chemical farming practices from your life.

      Humbly ask for guidance from a higher authority to begin life-enhancing and sustainable farming practices.

      Make a list of all persons you have harmed through your addiction to toxic chemical based farming, and become willing to make amends.

      Make direct amends to such people wherever possible.

      Continue to take personal inventory of your life and your farm and how it interacts with your environment, your local community, and the planet.

      Seek through prayer and right thinking to improve your conscious contact to the soil and the planet,.
      Now having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, you carry this message to other farmers and practice life-enhancing and sustainable farming.

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