Friday, February 27, 2015

Expert GMO panel—held in Monsanto’s home state— speaks out about GM food, glyphosate dangers

A “GMO Plenary” recently held in Missouri featured a panel of experts who discussed multiple health and environmental risks with genetically modified crops and foods and glyphosate herbicide.
The plenary, which was held at the Missouri Organic Conference in February in Springfield, Missouri, featured scientists, crop advisors, farmers, and educators.
Conference organizer Sue Baird said the plenary was purposely held in Missouri as a counterweight to the pro-GMO influence of St. Louis-based biotech giant Monsanto.

“Greatest civil rights issue of our time”

Plenary speakers attacked GMOs from all sides—from negative health and environmental impacts, spiritual implications, and FDA’s illegal GM food regulation to the lawsuit threat to farmers by Monsanto, GMO contamination of organics, lack of GMO labeling, and non-GMO market growth.
Keynote speaker and food advocate Robyn O’Brien described how she became involved in the GM food fight after her youngest daughter suffered a life-threatening allergic reaction to a food product.
Are we allergic to food or what’s been done to it?” she asked.
O’Brien cited statistics showing alarming rates of food allergies, autism, asthma, and cancer in children. She correlated the rise in these diseases to the introduction of GMOs in foods.
Correlation is not causation, but correlation of this magnitude demands investigation,” she said.
O’Brien called for mandatory GMO labeling. “Sixty percent of the world’s population is told (whether GMOs are in food), but in the US we have never been given that information,” she said.
O’Brien said the exploding demand for organic food indicates that a “food awakening” is happening in the US.
She called for everyone to work together on what she described as “the greatest civil rights issue of our time.”
Together we are so powerful,” O’Brien said.

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Expert GMO panel—held in Monsanto’s home state— speaks out about GM food, glyphosate dangers

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